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Hybrid Purity for Seed Quality

The Eurofins STA Laboratories (Eurofins STA) Genetic Services Division hybrid purity and varietal identification services feature high resolution protein analysis by iso-electric focusing (IEF) and trait specific DNA analysis with molecular marker technologies (MMT). Both technologies provide reliable and rapid tools in the evaluation of hybrid seed lots for genetic purity. Inbred or stock seed lots can also be tested with these state of the art techniques to determine their genetic uniformity and stability.

Eurofins STA offers these services in our Colorado IEF and DNA laboratories. Both labs are equipped to provide the highest quality throughput testing services. The entire Genetic Services staff is committed to rapid, accurate, and reliable testing for our clients. Superior Customer Service is a trademark of Eurofins STA Laboratories.

For more information, contact Gene Hookstra, Ph.D. at 800.426.9124 or email stacoinfo@eurofinsus.com.

Iso-electric Focusing for Reliable Genetic Analyses (240 KB PDF)

About Eurofins STA Laboratories

Eurofins STA Laboratories is a technology-based diagnostic services laboratory for the seed and plant industry. To help our clients' success, we provide seed health, seed quality, hybrid purity, DNA (molecular), and plant health services. We also distribute Brioreba AG diagnostic products. We help clients make objective product decisions that manage risk, ensure quality and improve genetics. Accessible, customer focused exports support our services and our confidentiality is second to none. We partner with our clients to give them the Eurofins STA "Advantage".

To obtain additional information, please contact us at 800.426.9125, visit www.stalabs.com or email us at stacoinfo@eurofinsus.com. Our services are always backed by our commitment to superior quality and expertise, quick turnaround time, and responsive customer service to provide you with Results You Can Trust.