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Products and Services - How to Submit Samples

Eurofins STA Plant Health Services provides state-of-the-art testing for the diagnostics and detection of major grapevine pathogens. Different methods including microbiological culture, ELISA, PCR, RT-PCR and/or Bio-PCR are used for specific diagnostics.

We have grouped the pathogens into different panels (A, B, CG, PD, Fungal) based on sampling/testing requirements. Research has shown that there is seasonal variation in the concentration of grapevine pathogens. Furthermore the distribution of pathogens follows a pattern and certain pathogens can be found in higher concentrations in different parts of the plant.

Our laboratory has developed sampling methods that takes into consideration the seasonal variation and pathogen location to optimize the detection of harmful pathogens. To assure accuracy of results, when multiple diagnostic methods are available, submitted samples will be tested by at least two independent methods. Eurofins STA Plant Health Services offers custom disease diagnostics, please contact Judit Monis, Ph.D. at stacoinfo@eurofinsus.com or (408) 846-9964 for specific sampling instructions.

Schedule for Grapevine Testing (69 KB PDF)

Sampling Guidelines (89 KB PDF)

Sampling Instructions for Out of State Samples (161 KB PDF)

Grapevine Disease Testing Submittal Form (176 KB PDF)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Eurofins STA is an authorized lab and can receive samples from EGVM and LBAM quarantine areas. California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Code requires that the box containing samples should be clearly marked with the following information:

  1. The name and address of the shipper or owner
  2. The name and address of the person to whom the shipment is sent
  3. The name of the country, state, county, or territory where the plants were grown
  4. A statement of the contents  

Pease read our Sampling Guidelines (164 KB PDF) for more detailed packing information

To facilitate the process and for your convenience, we have prepared ready-to-use shipping labels with our mailing address, permit numbers (http://phpps.cdfa.ca.gov/PE/InteriorExclusion/pdf/43-7.pdf), and a section to indicate in which county and state the samples were collected.  Simply print (Avery 5264) and affix the shipping label to the box containing samples, and we will take care of the rest.  Download the shipping label below.

Grapevine Disease Testing Shipping Label (289 KB)

USDA APHIS Domestic Permit (403 KB)